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In recognition of successful, independent and influential women in business around the world, Minerva has launched Female Focus, an exclusive network for international businesswomen.

Female Focus provides an exciting networking opportunity that enables like-minded businesswomen to come together, share experiences and build business relationships.

Members of this exclusive network will benefit from:

  • Networking with a dynamic group of highly successful women at the top of their profession
  • Access to international connections and support
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences with other highly successful independent businesswomen
  • Building and developing strategic partnerships
  • Enhancing success through offering and receiving support within the group
  • Regular contact through a series of coordinated newsletters and updates

Membership is by invitation or through a recommendation from an existing network member. For more information on this exclusive network, please contact Vaishali Shah, vaishali.shah@minerva-trust.com.


Female Focus - fashionable fascinator event

18 October 2015

Minerva’s Female Focus network was delighted to invite a select group of successful, independent and influential businesswomen to its fashionable fascinator event ... More