Meghraj Group

Meghraj Group is an international fiduciary services, financial services and real estate business headquartered in the British Isles. The Group was founded in 1922 by Mr. Meghji Pethraj Shah, a businessman and philanthropist who emigrated from Gujarat, India, to Kenya.

The Group offers services to high net worth individuals, family offices, public and private sector companies, financial institutions, investors, banks, fund managers, local and central governments and multilateral agencies.

Meghraj manages over US$17 billion in client assets, and operates in 22 cities in 11 countries.

Meghraj’s services are highly personalised to suit individual requirements and are handled by experienced and qualified executives, who in addition to being experts in their own fields, appreciate the importance of establishing professional discreet relationships with each of their clients.

Meghraj has a strong focus on Africa and India, which are among the fastest-growing and most dynamic markets in the world. This together with its international mind-set and understanding of cultural sensitivities provides the Group with a unique perspective and ability to act as a bridge between clients from these regions wishing to access international markets, and clients from other countries entering Africa and India.

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