London, being the key financial centre for the western hemisphere, is a hub for our internationally mobile clients.

With judicious planning, the effective rates of taxation in the UK for international clients and their business activities may be amongst the lowest in the EU and this, coupled with the strength of English commercial law, makes London an ideal base for multinational business development.

Although the UK is not in any way perceived as being an offshore territory, in certain personal and corporate circumstances, with careful financial planning, it can be highly tax advantageous for international clients. 

Our London office was incorporated in 2002, to offer clients an additional jurisdiction of high repute for the administration of UK based companies for international financial planning purposes.

Minerva Fiduciary Services has its offices in the central London enclave of Mayfair, the location of the headquarters of many major European corporations.

In the UK, Minerva currently provides its fiduciary services through Professional Trust Company (UK) Limited (which trades as Minerva Fiduciary Services).

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