6, place des Eaux-Vives, P.O. Box 3643, CH-1211 Geneva 3, Switzerland

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Minerva opened its Geneva office in 2001 recognising that Switzerland was seen by many as the preeminent home of high value private client services in Europe.

Characteristics traditionally associated with Swiss banking have disappeared over the last decade. Switzerland is now seen as a modern international financial centre offering political and monetary stability from within the heart of Europe.

Geneva remains home to many global private banking institutions however in recent years the city has seen family offices, private equity houses, boutique investment and hedge fund managers set up offices adding to the already present mix of leading international law firms, tax advisers and accountancy practices.

Switzerland is not a zero tax centre however trust arrangements created by, and for the benefit of non-residents are not generally subject to Swiss tax. This tax neutrality places Switzerland on a par with European centres like the Channel Islands and Isle of Man providing clients with choice whilst remaining in the European time zone.

Similarly, offshore companies and similar entities can be administered from Geneva without Swiss tax consequences for the entities or their non-resident beneficial owners.

In addition to arrangements for private clients, Minerva provides more bespoke corporate services capitalising on either Switzerland’s unique trading relationship with other European nations or its broad network of tax treaties (over 80 at the last count).

From its Geneva office Minerva provides the following core services:

Whether attracted by traditional aspects of Swiss private client service, drawn by what a modern European capital offers or driven by prevailing tax planning requirements, private and corporate clients can rely upon the highly skilled, multi-lingual work force which comes as standard in Geneva, Minerva’s office is no exception.

Minerva Trust Company (Switzerland) SA is regulated in Switzerland for anti-money laundering legislation by the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers.



Private client services in depth >

Our broad range of services helps individuals, entrepreneurs and families effectively manage personal assets and protect family wealth for current and successive generations.

These services have evolved over four decades and reflect our approach of giving clients choice in the location from which their relationship is managed.

Our private client teams in Jersey, London, Geneva, Mauritius, Nairobi, Dubai and Singapore are all experienced dedicated professionals for whom proactively delivering first class service is paramount.

Corporate services in depth >

The flexibility with which we deliver our comprehensive range of corporate services allows us to assist our corporate or more corporately orientated clients with full services, limited services or on a transactional basis.

The team places great emphasis on proactivity, responsiveness and technical strength in depth, working closely and in a co-ordinated manner with clients and their professional advisers.

The nature of our corporate work often involves administering structures with components in different jurisdictions, so our corporate team is drawn from across Minerva’s international offices.


Fund services in depth >

We provide services designed to assist investment funds and associated parties in the creation and ongoing administration of a wide range of fund types. We have extensive experience working with investors and advisers whose strategies involve Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the GCC.

We have strength in administering funds under the regulatory frameworks of Jersey and Mauritius although our experienced team are well qualified to provide services to fund structures and related parties in other well-regulated jurisdictions.

“Our admission to the NEX Growth Market represents a significant transition for the company. Throughout the process we required the services of experienced and committed advisers used to dealing with the requirements of emerging international groups and we were delighted with the level of pro-active service provided. We would recommend the Minerva team to other companies looking to join the NEX Growth Market. CEO UK plc”