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Minerva Fiduciary Services (Singapore) Pte Limited provides company formation and administration services to private individuals, corporates and institutions.

Minerva opened its Singapore office in 2012 and our presence has been evolving since as we respond to a combination of the needs of clients for whom Singapore’s extensive network of tax treaties are attractive, and as a base from which to serve the dynamic corporate sector in the Asia Pacific region.

Having a presence in Singapore allows us to support clients for whom Singapore’s extensive range of double taxation avoidance treaties are relevant.

It also complements and provides choice around similar treaty driven services available through Minerva’s office in Mauritius, especially in so far as they relate to India.

Having substance in Singapore is generally necessary if treaty benefits are to be accessed. Although creating such substance involves cost, Minerva can assist by providing outsourced services, and local expenses can be offset against Singapore having one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world.

More broadly, as Asia’s third largest financial centre, Singapore possesses the comprehensive financial and ancillary services infrastructure necessary to support businesses seeking to either locate in the city or use Singapore as their gateway to India, China and the surrounding fast growing South East Asian economies.

From its Singapore office Minerva focuses on providing corporate services including:

Singapore ranks highly against all matrices applied in assessing international financial centres and is generally to be found in the top 5 globally, typically ranking after London, New York and Hong Kong.

Widely seen as being ‘onshore’, its strategic location, progressive pro-business approach, wide-ranging tax treaties, well developed financial sector and highly skilled work force combine to make the city very attractive to private clients, corporates and institutions.


Neel Sahai
Director, Head of Asia Team and Group Head of Business Development

Gavin Wilkins
Client Relationship Director and Group Head of Intermediaries

Private client services in depth >

Our broad range of services helps individuals, entrepreneurs and families effectively manage personal assets and protect family wealth for current and successive generations.

These services have evolved over four decades and reflect our approach of giving clients choice in the location from which their relationship is managed.

Our private client teams in Jersey, London, Geneva, Mauritius, Nairobi, Dubai and Singapore are all experienced dedicated professionals for whom proactively delivering first class service is paramount.

Corporate services in depth >

The flexibility with which we deliver our comprehensive range of corporate services allows us to assist our corporate or more corporately orientated clients with full services, limited services or on a transactional basis.

The team places great emphasis on proactivity, responsiveness and technical strength in depth, working closely and in a co-ordinated manner with clients and their professional advisers.

The nature of our corporate work often involves administering structures with components in different jurisdictions, so our corporate team is drawn from across Minerva’s international offices.


Fund services in depth >

We provide services designed to assist investment funds and associated parties in the creation and ongoing administration of a wide range of fund types. We have extensive experience working with investors and advisers whose strategies involve Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the GCC.

We have strength in administering funds under the regulatory frameworks of Jersey and Mauritius although our experienced team are well qualified to provide services to fund structures and related parties in other well-regulated jurisdictions.

“You lived up to your promise of being able to both set up the Trust, the LLC and the bank account in time and beat the time frame by a margin. Well done! I can see us doing more business together in the future.”

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