London’s ISDX market for Asian businesses, What, Why and How?

Gavin Wilkins
29 November 2016

Over the last 12 months Minerva has played a key role in listing a number of Jersey holding companies in London, these listings being on all three of London’s exchanges: Main Market, AIM, and ISDX.

The underlying businesses shared the same characteristics in that they were located in emerging markets, sought fresh capital to accelerate their growth, and felt London was  the capital market of choice given the availability of capital, and the profile of a London listing.

In the latest edition of Centillion London Capital Markets newsletter, Minerva Client Relationship Director Gavin Wilkins contributes to an expert panel discussion concerning ISDX and addresses questions that will help readers less familiar with ISDX understand what it is, the type of companies that list there, and typically the sectors they represent. The article also provides an overview as to how ISDX compares with other London exchanges and why an emerging market business might want to list this way, using a Jersey holding company.



Gavin Wilkins
Client Relationship Director and Group Head of Intermediaries

“My meeting with your team was most fruitful and I was impressed with their knowledge of the procedures and the laws.”

Private client, South Africa