Minerva raises 7,500 for two Jersey charities

Vaishali Shah
28 June 2017

As part of Minerva’s Legacy project we chose to support two local charities for its 2016/2017 Fundraising efforts. This year’s proceeds will be split equally between CLIC Sargent (Jersey) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) India.

Launched in 2013 in celebration of the milestone birthdays of Minerva’s two founding shareholders, Vipin M.P. Shah and Umesh Sahai, the Minerva Legacy Project aims to create a positive, long term and sustainable impact on the communities that continue to be close to Minerva group’s operations. Since starting the Legacy Project, Minerva has supported several local and overseas charities by raising close to £50,000.

The money raised this year, £7,500, will be split equally between both charities and will give them the opportunity to invest in specific projects.

CLIC Sargent (Jersey) is a leading cancer charity for children and young people in Jersey and supports young cancer patients aged from 0 to 21 and their families. As well as providing support in Jersey many patients need specialist treatment in the UK. This is expensive and emotionally draining. CLIC Sargent (Jersey) provides assistance with arrangements and costs including subsistence payments for food and travel for family members.

At home assistance can be given for heating and other costs to keep the home clean as recovering patients need warmth and very clean conditions when undergoing chemotherapy. Assistance is given with communication between family members when treatment is in the UK and particularly between the patient and their school, as keeping an education programme running and links to school friends often assists in the treatment. Airfares for additional family members may be provided and if one parent has to give up work to provide care then in some cases household bills can be supported. Assistance with ‘home nursing support’ and general practitioners fees can also be made.

Simon Bossy, Senior Committee member at CLIC Sargent (Jersey) commented:

“As CLIC Sargent (Jersey) has no salaried staff and all funding that is received goes to the support of Jersey children with cancer and families, we are extremely grateful to Minerva for their support. The charity is only able to provide this targeted support to children in Jersey with cancer because of the invaluable donations it receives from organisations like Minerva Trust and Corporate Services Limited. We, and the Jersey families that we in turn help, are hugely grateful to Minerva for choosing to support CLIC Sargent (Jersey). On behalf of our families thank you very much.”

As a global business, Minerva also supports an international charity every year. The money raised for Multiple Sclerosis India will be used for physiotherapists to undertake home visits to teach exercises to their patients. Ensuring that people affected with Multiple Sclerosis can continue to live life to the fullest is the aim of the charity, by offering support and programs to enhance the quality of life.

In order to raise the money needed to support both charities, Minerva held several fundraising campaigns over a 12-month period. These included an auction, raffle prizes, fancy-dress down days, bake offs, a soup kitchen, staff breakfasts, a ping pong challenge and an 80s themed Summer party for staff earlier this month.

Steven Bowen, Group Managing Director of Minerva, commented:

“We are delighted to have supported both CLIC Sargent (Jersey) and Multiple Sclerosis India who do such wonderful work. Our Legacy Project fundraising campaign is something we are very proud of as it has given our staff and the business the opportunity to raise money to help charities with specific initiatives and support those that are in need. As an independent global business with family values, it is important for us to be able to support charities that can help families both here in Jersey and internationally.”


“My meeting with your team was most fruitful and I was impressed with their knowledge of the procedures and the laws.”

Private client, South Africa