Binoy R. V. Meghraj

Director, Minerva Middle East DMCC


Binoy is a Director of Minerva Middle East DMCC in Dubai. He is also the Executive Vice Chairman of Meghraj Group, an international investment banking, fiduciary services and infrastructure consulting organisation. Binoy is responsible for Meghraj Group’s strategy, new business initiatives and the Chairman of Meghraj Capital, the Group’s investment banking businesses. He has advised a number of Japanese multinational companies on acquisitions and partnerships in India.

Binoy is a Trustee of two charities, M. P. Shah Charitable Foundation and Meghraj Charitable Foundation. Binoy is the grandson of M. P. Shah, and a member of the Meghraj family, Minerva’s largest long term strategic shareholder.

Binoy is a graduate of the University of Birmingham and holds an MBA with distinction from London Business School.



“I have to thank you for all your assistance. I am personally very grateful to you and I only wish I had been in touch with you earlier. ”

Private client, Dubai