Concierge Services

The western style economies of the United Arab Emirates continue to thrive, attracting growing numbers of new businesses, expatriate executives and new residents. Although an open economy, Dubai and the Emirates can initially present challenges to people and businesses unfamiliar with the laws and customs of the region.

Combined with a pace of change that sees new laws, requirements and working practices introduced continuously, it is no wonder new residents need local assistance to help navigate the best course through local bureaucracy, ensuring business, personal and family matters are all ordered correctly and where permits, permissions, and access to services are needed, these are in place.

If moving home is stressful, relocating oneself, family and business to the UAE or starting a new business in the region can be daunting.

Based in the DMCC Free Zone, Minerva has had a formal presence in Dubai since 2009. As a team of expatriates from five different countries, we appreciate the issues associated with relocation and understand what this involves. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide practical up-to-date information and guidance across the UAE.

Although primarily engaged in international services, Minerva has incorporated and administered companies based in a number of the UAE Free Zones and assisted with setting up local onshore companies, including the introduction of local sponsorsSuch local engagements have resulted in Minerva acquiring the expertise necessary to successfully navigate local rules and regulation so we are able to offer a range of concierge services including:

  • Identifying the most appropriate corporate structure for
    local and international businesses
  • Assisting with the local incorporation and registration of
    the structure
  • Arranging UAE residence visa applications including the
    medical requirements
  • Assisting with the UAE legalisation of personal and
    corporate documents
  • Introductions to lawyers, property agents, auditors, insurance specialists and local banks
  • Assistance with other general UAE requirements such as driving licences, ID cards, Ejari registration, doctors, schools, Arabic translations and hiring domestic or professional staff
  • On-going management and secretarial services to Free Zone and offshore companies

This allows Minerva to support clients both locally and internationally in ways that might not be immediately apparent.

Concierge Services of the type described are available through Minerva’s Dubai office, however all Minerva’s offices can provide varying degrees of concierge type support relevant to their locations.


“I would like to thank you all for the attention and close cooperation which allowed the deal to be concluded both satisfactorily and fairly effortlessly”

Private client, UK