IPO Support Services

For many businesses, listing on an international stock exchange can provide an effective platform for raising capital, creating liquidity for existing and future shareholders and/or enhancing profile internationally. Floating on a stock market takes time and preparation and a successful IPO candidate must demonstrate earnings quality, strong corporate governance and long-term value to investors.

The choice of listing jurisdiction is normally set by a company’s geographic spread of operations and its management’s growth aspirations. A company which has little or no activity outside of its national borders, and which is unlikely to expand further, either organically or by acquisition, is most likely best suited by admission to a stock exchange in its home jurisdiction.

For companies which have built a strong position in their home market and have realistic ambitions for future international growth, then admission to an internationally focused market can have clear advantages over a local stock exchange, leading to a higher valuation, more liquidity and a greater profile.

Many companies will choose to form an international holding company for the purposes of listing.

Our specialised and highly qualified corporate team has extensive experience of administering complex structures, which often demand a significant emphasis on corporate governance, regulatory and technical disciplines.

The planning process is fundamental to the success of the IPO. Getting the pre-IPO planning right will mean the IPO itself will run more smoothly and efficiently in the long run. This will require consideration of the existing capital structure, incorporation of an offshore holding company for listing, exit of non-core activities, intra-group arrangements, business plans, enhanced governance structures and managerial capacity.

We offer a comprehensive service including formation, registered office and full scope company secretarial and administration services to companies listed on international stock exchanges including AIM, London Stock Exchange, NEX Exchange and other international stock exchanges.

Minerva can also assist with the implementation of pre-IPO planning including private wealth structures, corporate restructuring and employee incentive schemes including EBTs and ESOPs.

IPO Support Services are available through Minerva’s Jersey and Mauritius offices.


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