Private Equity Support Services

Private equity businesses have become progressively burdened with regulatory, investor and management reporting responsibilities. Managing costs and managerial capacity has become a growing part of the business model. Choosing the right outsourcing partner can help ease these pressures and allow management teams to focus on investment performance without distraction.

Our specialised and highly qualified corporate team has extensive experience of administering complex structures, which often demand significant emphasis on corporate governance, regulatory or technical disciplines. We are particularly well placed to partner with, and support the requirements of private equity firms, funds and investors with investment strategies focused on Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and the Gulf.

We offer a comprehensive range of administration and support services tailored to the needs of private equity firms, funds and investors, including:

  • Establishment and administration of private equity funds in Mauritius and Jersey
  • Establishment and administration of regulated or unregulated General Partner or management entities
  • Formation and administration of offshore investment holding vehicles and SPVs including limited partnerships, cell companies, no-par value, guarantee, hybrid, limited or unlimited companies, across a wide range of jurisdictions
  • Formation and administration of carried interest vehicles
  • Formation and administration of onshore investment holding and portfolio companies including co-investment vehicles and the management and monitoring of local obligations and commercial agreements
  • Governance, compliance and risk management support services
  • Investor reporting and preparation of consolidated financial reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Committed and relevant transactional support including establishment of escrow facilities, provision of corporate trustees and security trustee services
  • Provision of resident directors and officers, including assistance with sourcing suitable non-executive directors
  • Co-ordination of advice from legal, tax and other advisers
  • Management of banking facilities
  • On-going administration and company secretarial responsibilities
  • Establishment and administration of other specialist vehicles for example ESOPs and EBTs where retaining key management through incentive schemes supports an IPO as an exit strategy.

Minerva can also assist with the implementation and ongoing administration of investment structures for the purpose of pre-pooling of capital for private equity investors such as feeder structures.

Private Equity Support Services are available through Minerva’s Jersey and Mauritius offices.

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